Changing a Small Neighborhood

There are many small neighborhoods within each city, and each one generally has its own reputation and personality. Some areas...


Creating Modern City Complexes

Developers seldom prefer small lots for building, and they have found their best profit in an urban area is to...


Updating Business Zones

With a lack of funds, it is often difficult for city leaders to revitalize many neighborhoods. Rather than planning to...

Inner city neighborhoods often go through cycles after they have been established, and many of them fall into disrepair after just a few generations. Revitalizing urban neighborhoods takes several different forms, and it largely depends upon the land available and the local zoning laws. Some areas will be torn down completely and turned into modern complexes, but others will remain residential areas. Mixing small business areas and residences is one more path to revitalization within the inner city.

Each type of revitalization requires its own steps, and local community boards hold hearings to help them determine what will best suit their residents. If an area is largely populated, it is seldom approved for wholesale razing, so developers tend to look for areas where few people live or work. Crowded neighborhoods might have apartment complexes, but retaining them might not be best for the area. Creating modern shopping areas within residential zones can revitalize an area with little investment on the part of the local government.